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Free Lifetime Supply of Reusable Pads
For Sports Women

It all started with one individual.

An 11-year old state-level taekwondo champion from Telengana (sub-junior category) received a Saukhyam pad pack from her aunt when her periods started. The aunt had first-hand experience of the benign effects from using Saukhyam and wanted only the best for her niece.

The aunt told the niece that if she liked using Saukhyam, the aunt would be happy to sponsor her entire lifetime supply of Saukhyam pads. Her niece grabbed this generous offer.

From this an idea was born.

Our team decided to honor all state-level, national-level and international-level sportswomen in this manner. These amazing women have defied great odds to attain the heights they have. They are role models for all young girls.

If they are seen comfortable using disposables, then this would go a long way in helping make reusables more mainstream.

Thus far our team has distributed a few hundred pad sets to Sub junior players of the Indian Hockey Team State- and national-level players at Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences in Odhisa.

The response from these players has been phenomenal. Read about their experiences in these blog posts.Blog Post 1 | Blog Post 2

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Apply Now!

If you represent a sports federation for women or if you need a Saukhyam pad set for yourself (you are a sportswoman who has represented your state in national-level competitions or your country in international-level competitions), then please fill out the form below. We will contact you at the earliest !