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For a wholesome period experience, minus rashes 'n' cramps !



Arunima Kundu

West Bengal, India

I have shifted to cotton reusable pad recently and ordered saukhyam pad. It is leakage proof and very comfortable to use

Night pads are really good for heavy flow days. At times I also use the base and insert together for extra protection. Its so reliable. I don't need to worry about stains anymore


Sheuli Shah

Karnataka, India

I've been wearing this product to college as comfortably as any disposable sanitary napkins. Now I need not worry about rashes and odours. Plus, I don't need to run to buy pads every now and then. Saukhyam pads are free from toxic chemicals and lasts longer.

Saukhyam has definitely worked well for me.


Dr. Medhini

Kerala, India

Wanted to eagerly do something eco friendly on a regular basis, after started using saukyam found out that it works very well for me not only in terms of sustainability but also user friendly, rash free, more economical, I'm also indirectly helping other women in employment, so it's just 1 step with numerous benefits/profit only


Dr. Aarati Bhandare

Karnataka, India

Easy to use and easy to wash. Pads available according to need/flow. Lot of options to choose from. Extremely comfortable.
Very good assisting team. Since it was my first time with reusable pads, I had lot of doubts. They cleared all of my doubts and helped me choose the right set. Fast delivery too. Kudos Saukhyam



Karnataka, India

I have been using Saukhyam for a couple of years now. Being used to throwing away used pads, the idea of washing and reusing pads troubled me initially.
However I knew it was for my best. Now I am very happy that I made this switch. Because, Saukhyam pads are pretty easy to wash and care. Its very comfortable too


Pragati Parihar

Maharashtra, India

I have been using Saukhyam pads for over 4 years. My first set of pads is serving good for me even till date. For work I have to travel frequently between Pune and Mumbai. Initially I didn't use these pads during my one-day trips but now I use them confidently. Longer night pads make me feel more secure psychologically. Truly happy with Saukhyam.


Aastha Aggarwal

Delhi, India

Saukhyam reusable pads have truly transformed my menstrual experience. The natural materials are gentle on my skin, eliminating the rashes I used to get with disposables. By switching to an eco-friendly choice my experience is even better. I highly recommend Saukhyam to everyone for a comfortable and eco-friendly menstrual solution.

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