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Our Satellite Production Centres

We receive a large number of inquiries requesting training for rural women groups interested in making reusable pads from banana fiber.

Prior to the pandemic we had production centers in 7 states of India and I union territory, viz. Bihar, Jammu, Kerala, Odisha, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.

Production costs with this distributed model of manufacturing were high. Quality was inconsistent. And the biggest drawback was that the centers did not take responsibility for the sales of the pads they produced. They were dependent on the central team for sales.

Girl in a jacket Post-pandemic we now have a hub and spoke model that has enabled us to lower our production costs and enable all satellite centers to produce pads of consistent quality. A large manufacturing facility in Kerala serves as the hub. Spokes or the satellite production centers take the semi-processed raw material and convert it into finished products.

Only sewing machines are needed now to start a new satellite production center. The investment is minimal. However, before we provide production training, we ask that a dedicated team for distribution and sales is put into place. Women are trained in conducting awareness workshops. When they are able to move inventory consistently for at least 3 months, then production training is provided.

In most cases, the women responsible for sales and the women responsible for production are different. Reusable pad packs are not a repeat buy, in that one cannot go back to the same beneficiary for at least 3 years. The catchment area for distribution and sales has to be sufficiently large, and the women responsible for sales are easily able to travel to other villages in that area.

Currently we are working with State Rural Livelihood Missions and NGOs in Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Telengana and Uttarakhand to setup satellite production centers capable of serving entire districts. We welcome you to connect with us if you are wanting to support rural women to have a means of income through this activity.

Our teams would be happy to train rural women and help them set up micro-enterprises for the production, distribution and sales of reusable pads. With a commitment to social impact, we aim to eventually establish satellite production centers in many of the ~ 800 districts of India, weaving a tapestry of positive change across the nation.

Hub and Spoke Model of Production

At the heart of our innovative production approach is the hub and spoke model.

This is a seamless process designed for ensuring affordability and accessibility to our quality reusable menstrual pads. 

Our central factory processes the banana fiber, and stitches it onto cotton cloth. 

These half-stitched pieces then embark on a journey to our satellite production centers strategically located in diverse rural areas across different states, where they are stitched into perfection.

Think of it as making dosa from scratch or just getting the batter and easily and quickly making dosa from the batter. 

This model not only ensures efficiency and consistent quality but also champions empowerment by providing meaningful employment opportunities for rural women. By assembling our pads in proximity to their final destinations, we simplify logistics and also contribute to the sustainable development of local communities.