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Our team provides reusable pad sets at subsidized prices to NGOs and others working in communities.

The default pad pack usually provided, consists of 6 pad pieces and a pouch. There are 2 day bases, 1 night base and 3 inserts; the latter help provide dual protection during times of heavy flow. The bases have wings and a leak-proof layer. They can be used by themselves during light flow days. Inserts are also used as pantyliners by many.

This pad pack of 6 pad pieces and a pouch is provided at the subsidized price of ₹ 350 per pad pack.

This price includes only the wages paid to the women producing the pads, ie the women who process the banana fiber and the women who stitch. The cost of the raw materials is not included. We do this to enable menstruators from low-income communities to access reusable pads at affordable prices.

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