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Who is a Saukhyam Buddy ?

  • A college student (or a recent graduate) who is able to intern with us in different locations all over India
  • One who is familiar with the concept of reusable pads and able to explain effectively in communities.

Do we only offer Saukhyam Buddy Internships to girls ?

By no means. We welcome boys to apply. If boys and men talk about periods and period products, it goes a long way in helping break taboos.

What would an internship for a Saukhyam Buddy look like ?

Typically, you would conduct awareness workshops in colleges, and in low-income communities. Sometimes you may travel to nearby rural communities and spend a day or two there conducting such workshops. All out-of-pocket travel expenses are reimbursed.

If you like to experience first-hand closely working with a purpose-driven team and making an impact, go head and apply. We accept applications all year round.