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Sadya and Smiles: Our Onam Festivities

The Saukhyam family joyously embraced the warmth of Onam festivities as laughter, companionship and shared customs blended to create a lively palette of joy.

As Amma says, Onam is a festival that brings people together and strengthens all human bonds. All employees of Saukhyam Reusable Pads came together to celebrate the festival of oneness and prosperity. In Kerala, Saukhyam has two units, one in Kudithura and the other in Amritasindhu. Onam was joyously celebrated in both centres.

Employees and their families graced the occasion in traditional kerala attire and kickstarted the celebrations with a vibrant pookalam in Kudithara and Amritasindhu.

In the beats of traditional music, our ladies gracefully danced for thiruvathirakali and even the family members took stage to showcase their hidden talents with songs and cinematic dance performances. With games like musical chair, lemon-spoon race and sundarik pottu thodal, the workplace became a playground where competitive spirit blended seamlessly with the joyous atmosphere. 

When music, laughter and chatter of people filled the room, the aroma of Onam delicacies wafted through the air. Each employee prepared and brought a delicacy, making the sadya more grandier and flavor-rich. Sadya, smiles and shared traditions were the essence of our Onam celebrations.

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