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Our Vision

For menstrual hygiene, Saukhyam Reusable Pads is the first choice for girls and women, benefiting them and our planet.

Saukhyam Reusable Pads envisions a world where every woman and girl have access to affordable, safe and sustainable menstrual products benefiting them and our planet. Our vision is to be the foremost choice in providing reliable menstrual hygiene solutions, fostering a community driven upon women empowerment and environment sustainability.

Our Mission

Combat climate change, support zero-waste communities, empower women, and transform lives - all through our beautiful reusable menstrual pads.

Building Healthy Communities

From our work in rural India, we have reached one definite conclusion. Lack of access to low-cost and reliable means for menstrual hygiene is the sole reason for several health related problems for rural girls and women. Saukhyam is helping build healthy communities and contributing to SDG #3, Good Health and Well Being.

Supporting Zero-Waste Communities

By mainstreaming reusable pads made of banana fiber, which is sourced from agro-waste; Sakuhyam promotes zero waste living. Further, Saukhyam is committed to recycle and reuse all its manufacturing waste. By converting waste from banana fiber processing into organic manure for farming and recycling the cloth waste into pillows, Saukhyam is contributing to SDG#12, Responsible Consumption and Production.

Transforming Lives

Saukhyam Reusable pads are lovingly handcrafted by rural women from different parts of India.They take pride in knowing that the pads they make are providing sustainable, hygienic and safe period experiences for menstruators around the world. Their work contributes to SDG#11, Sustainable Cities and Communities.

Empowering Women

Saukhyam works among educated girls to encourage them to shift to reusable pads and connect them to rural masses. Volunteer networks created among these youth work to lift the stigma around menstruation. Saukhyam also trains and onboards women micro- entrepreneurs to establish satellite stitching centers employing more women as well as furthering the reach of reusable pads to remote villages, contributing to SDG#5, Gender Equality.

Fighting Climate Change

A woman who uses disposable pads leaves a carbon footprint of 5.8 kg carbon dioxide equivalent annually. With over 1,000,000 reusable sanitary pads sold and distributed to-date, Saukhyam is annually helping prevent the emission of an estimated 800 tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, contributing to SDG #13, Climate Action.

Way Forward

Our journey has just begun. We have a long way to go. There are lakhs of menstruators that experience period poverty not just in our country but worldwide. There are lakhs more that use disposable sanitary napkins that are not good for them or our planet.We dream of a future where reusable pads are commonplace and menstruators know that in these contemporary times, it is disposable sanitary napkins that are old-fashioned; they harm our planet and us. We dream of a future where no one experiences period poverty; safe and hygienic period products are within easy reach of every menstruator.But we don’t just dream; our teams are working hard to make this happen. As a strong root for tomorrow’s India, we believe that Saukhyam will impact lakhs and crores of menstruators. We will continue to combat climate change, support zero-waste, empower women and transform lives - all through our beautiful reusable menstrual pads.